Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rockabilly Raddness

"Raddness"...yeah, I'm not really sure... sometimes things just pop out like that! But, I do have some really cute, rockabilly inspired items that are new to my shoppe that I HAVE to share with you guys!!! Check 'em out! My Twisty Headbands are all the rage these days. I never realized that would get such a response! I'm totally STOKED by how everyone responded with Facebook comments and purhases from my Etsy shop! Gives me warm fuzzies!!
I also have my new fabric bow clips! Check out this Sweet As Cherry Pie Bow Clip that is too adorable and perfect to complete your rockabilly look:
Thanks for checking out my newest, fun, Rockabilly items!! As always, my items are for sale in my Etsy Shop = The Kandy Shoppe You can also LIKE me on Facebook and stay caught up on my newest items and get first dibs at coupon codes and fun contests and giveaways = The Kandy Shoppe on Facebook

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just ordered some new business cards from Vista Print! I have been making my own business cards FOREVER, but decided today, I'm going to pay someone else to make them for me LOL... Can't wait to get them in! Got a REALLY GREAT deal on them! I'm a sucker for a good deal =P

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~ Piggy-Tail PaLooza ~

Who doesn't love some piggy-tails?!  They are the epitomy of all things LITTLE GIRL!  Nothing cuter than piggy-tails, in my opinion, but you can always make them cuter!!

I absolutely LOVE making PIGGY-TAIL HAIRBOWS!   They are one of my favorite items to make in The Kandy Shoppe!  AND they are some of my favorite items to put on my daughter!

So, check out my PIGGY-TAIL accessories!  And embrace all things GIRLY! <3

(close-up of the Dragonfly Piggy-Tail Hairbow worn by model in the above picture)

Turtle Piggy-Tail Hairbows

Check them out in my Etsy Store:
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New Items in the Kandy Shoppe

It's been awhile since my last blog post... like an EMBARASSINGLY long while... I seem to forget about my little blog between Facebook, Etsy and Twitter... Over social mediated LOL, but here I am!  And I have new stuff! <3

My NEW Kandy Shoppe Twisty Headbands:
These are FUN, STYLISH head bands made with a wire inside that allows you to twist and style your headband anyway you want!

GREAT for a BROAD range of ages (from 5 years up)  You can use this to compliment just about ANY STYLE!

A very RETRO, FUN headband that you can create just about any style with!

Looks great with up-do's as well!

Check them out in my Etsy Store:
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


You can now get customized FLIP FLOPS from The Kandy Shoppe!!!!   What better way to celebrate warm weather than to bust out the Flip Flops and let your little piggies get some attention?!!!
I've been working on offering these for a while and was finally urged by a friend to stop "fixin' to" and just do it.  So, I took her advice and well, here they are....

You can get these right now in Pink, White, Black or Blue Flip Flops and a whole plethora of colored ribbon... sizes are from children's S,M,L and adults S, M, and L ...
The spikey ribbon is just FUN!!!!!   I can also do these with corker ribbon also... I made my daughter a pair that she LOVES for the 4th of July... these are what they look like:

Another GREAT idea is to really complete this look with a spikey ribbon hair accessory to match your flip flops!!!  You can't get any cuter than that...

Check out my listing for Flip Flops in my Etsy Shop ;


Thursday, June 30, 2011

STORE SALE ~ Ends July 1st

Visit my Etsy Store - The Kandy Shoppe - and take 25% off your entire order!!
Just enter coupon code PROMO25 at checkout
Don't miss out!  Great Deal!  Feel free to share with your friends <3

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Kandy Shoppe on YouTube

Please check out my YouTube Video.  I'd love to hear what you think <3