Monday, January 31, 2011

Layers Sweet Layers...

I have been surprised and delighted by the great popularity of my Vintage Layered Flower Clips.  Thank you for your response!! =)  Orders have been made and delivered and more orders have come in!!  I'm so excited and THRILLED that you guys like these clips so much!!
Since they are so well loved and I continue to get questions about these clips, I decided to go ahead and share the info in a blog post for you:

Vintage Layered Flower Clips:

Large size Layered Flower Clip = $6.00
Medium size Layered Flower Clip = $5.00
Small size Layered Flower Clip = $3.00
Small size set of Layered Flower clip = $4.00 see picture here
On orders $25.00 and more, shipping is FREE

Thanks again for all of your interest in my little creations!  I really appreciate you!


  1. Super cute stuff Kandy! So much fun too; keep it up!

  2. oh so pretty! Blog hopping today and found your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  3. THanks for stopping by and commenting, Katherine! =)

  4. Those are so pretty! I love all the different uses for them! I bought something similar to wear on my wedding day. It had the backing for a pin but it also had this sort of alligator clip so you could clip it to anything, including hair. I loved it!

  5. Thank you!! They are kind of addicting! I love making them =)