Saturday, March 19, 2011

~Bitten by the Crafty Bug~

I'm so excited!  I went shopping the other day and picked up some new fun ribbon and some fun fabrics!!  I LOVE getting new material to work with!!  It's like Christmas!  I also picked up some patterns - CRAZY, eclectic collection of patterns LOL; toys, totes, dresses, SCRUBS (yes, like the ones nurses and stuff wear).  It's just my personality.  I can't help it.  I bounce all over the place with ideas.
  I am currently in the process of teaching myself to sew.... WOWZA!  It's harder than I thought it would be, but I've discovered that once you get a few basics down, it can really be quite easy.  And there is something peaceful and satisfying about it!  It is very safe to say that I LOVE SEWING!!! 
Here is my very first item of clothing that I have EVER made (a dress for my 4 yr old daughter):

I have sewn a few items before, but never really followed a complicated pattern... THIS is probably NOT a complicated pattern for most of you veterans, but it had more than two pieces to sew together, hence making it complicated for simple ol' me! =) 

--What's going on with my ETSY:

I'm still CRAZY loving Etsy!  I had two more sales this morning when I woke up.  LOVING IT!!!  And the Etsy community is just too fun!  I have already met several really creative, fun and inspiring Etsians!!  Speaking of Etsy; I still have a coupon code that is good thru 3/31 :  31MAR10 ~ 10% off until the end of March!  FUN!  So, stop over by my little shop and say hello <3  The Kandy Shoppe on Etsy

--What's going on with my Crafty Hubster:

My husband, as you may or may not know, is an extremely FABULOUS wood craftsman.  He has some of the GREATEST ideas and he is so good at what he does... I wanted to share some of his latest work:
This is a "keep chest" he made for our son.  "K" LOVES keeping his "special" toys in boxes.  He has been using some old Mary Kay boxes that I had left over from my Mary Kay Consultant days.  So, my fabulous husband decided it was time to make "K" his own little Toy Chest Box for his special toys... This is what he made him... Complete with carved initials in the lid of the chest/box:

What's coming up next:

Stay tuned because I have so many ideas swishing around in my noggin!!  I have some fabulous tote bags I'm wanting to do... We also have a hair bow organizer in the works now (excited), I'm even going to try my hand at toy making!!   The crafty bug has officially bitten me!! ;)