Friday, January 14, 2011


I have to say that I am, first of all, THRILLED at the response that I am getting from all of you who are loving my accessories!!  Thank you so very much for your feedback on Facebook and Twitter!!  It's very encouraging.  Second, I have to admit, I'm a little blown away; IN A GOOD WAY!!  I never expected so much positive feedback so quickly and so many orders this soon!!!   I am very excited that my products are so LOVED!!  Makes me happy!
Anyone who creates anything, whether it be a commodity or even art to be adored and appreciated, knows how it feels to have your work receive positive feedback... It is very ego boosting and humbling at the same time!  I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave me feedback and also, thank you to everyone who has already placed orders with me!! 
I still have so many ideas that I need to sit down and bring to fruition.  I can't wait to get them finished and share them with you.  PLEASE feel free to leave comments here on my blog and share me with your friends and family!!  The more the merrier =)

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