Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I've been working on...

My Vintage Layered Flower Clips seem to be very popular right now...  I am so very glad you are enjoying them... So, I've been making more of those:

I'm also becoming increasing addicted to making Beaded Bobby Pins... These are my very first ones that I've done, so ignore the pieces of wire that are sticking out here and there... I'm still perfecting the art =)  But I'm loving it!!!!  And I think they are just absolutely adorable and look GREAT in your hair!  I'm already wearing them in mine.  I will be excited when I get some made up to sale, so stay tuned for these little cuties

We are also getting really, REALLY close to reaching our first 100 fans on Facebook!!  When that goal is reached, I will have blog giveaway.  Prize to be announced.  Trust me, I will plaster my blog, Facebook and Twitter with pics of the fabulous prize =)

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