Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winner of the 1st Blog Giveaway....

Congratulations to April Topham, winner of my very first blog giveaway!!!

These giveaways are addicting, so I will definitely be having more... Stay tuned!  Be sure you are following me here on my blog or via Networkedblogs on Facebook, my Facebook page and on Twitter.  I will announce any giveaways or drawings through these avenues.

On another note, I'm busy making hair accessories.  I had another order come in yesterday from a customer who just ordered several hair accessories.  It was a funny story:
This customer of mine is actually my Hair Stylist.  She saw my items and placed an order.  I was excited to get her order to her because she was so excited about the products.  She actually had a client come in and she was showing her the hair accessories she had purchased and the lady got confused and actually wanted to purchase the accessories from my stylist.  Being she sweetie that she is, my stylist couldn't tell her no, so she just went with it and then contacted me letting me know she wanted some more hair accessories!  Made me laugh!!!  But I'm so very excited that people are loving my items... It really means a lot when you put yourself out there with your work and when people get excited about you work it makes you excited!  So, thank you!  Thank you for letting me know that you like what I do, either through purchases or comments, it means a lot to me!

Have a fabulous mid-week and again, CONGRATULATIONS APRIL!!!

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