Friday, March 11, 2011

Hair Bows, Hair Bows, We All Scream for Hair Bows!!

What little girl doesn't look adorable in a HAIR BOW?!?!   Hair Bows TOTALLY complete an outfit and make your little, adorable DIVA even MORE ADORABLE!!
It has actually been a while since I have made Hair Bows to sale.  I have a little Diva at home that I keep stocked up with Hair Bows, but I haven't made any to offer to the public in quite some time.  I have been really pushing my headbands for the past couple of weeks and items for older girls and women.
SO, I got totally inspired to pick back up the BOW BUSINESS!  It's incredibly fun and there are NO LIMITS on styles, types, colors, etc. etc... Let the creative juices flow!!
So, here I go... Be sure to check my Etsy for new items daily!

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